For more pizzaz, just add Spark-eez


Celebrate Independence Day with Spark-eez Strike-to-Light Sparklers. The 4th of July is the most popular holiday to use sparklers as part of the celebration. For this most American of holidays, let Spark-eez make it exciting and memorable — no matches or lighters required.


The Grand Entrance: During the reception, you can make your grand entrance by providing your guests with Spark-eez sparklers and asking them to hold them when you make your way into the reception.

The Reception Send-Off: Use for the reception exit where guests line up outside the venue at the end of the night with lit Spark-eez sparklers and cheer as you depart. Tip: Be sure to check with your reception site first, to make sure sparklers are allowed.

The Ceremony: A more unexpected idea would be to pass out sparklers for guests to light at the end of the ceremony or even during your first kiss.


Give Spark-eez as party favors, use while singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ or light for the the guest of honor’s surprise entrance. Spark-eez sparklers will add the magic touch to your birthday party.

Spark-eez Strike-to-Light Sparklers can enhance all of life’s most important events … from Wedding Proposals to Anniversaries, Diwali, Reunions, Memorials, Graduations, Victory Celebrations, Business Openings, Promotions and more!

For ANY occasion where sparklers are used, be sure to provide a receptacle so guests can put sparklers out; galvanized steel pails filled with sand work best.