About Us

Spark-eez Strike-to-Light Sparklers

The idea for Spark-eez strike-to-light sparklers was conceived after observing how long it took my youngest daughter to ignite a standard sparkler with a lighter. This delicate balancing act of holding a lighter in one hand — while waiting for the sparkler to ignite in the other — seemed dangerous and antiquated.

Finding this unacceptable, I set out to develop a new form of sparkler that was easier AND safer to use. Spark-eez strike-to-light sparklers light instantly and flawlessly with only a short side stroke against the attached strike pad … eliminating the need for outside ignition. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, holiday (July 4th, Christmas, New Years, Diwali) or any other occasion, Spark-eez can help you make the magic happen!

Please know that Spark-eez strike-to-light sparklers are built upon the belief that our customers will always come first. In that tradition we always strive to treat each and every one of you as if you were our only customer. Rest assured that each package is created and hand packed with the highest standards in mind, providing you with a product that is fun, convenient and unique, with safety and cost savings in mind!

Warren McClurg, Inventor